Portrait of Barbara, 2018
Needle punch embroidery on linen
Passive Aggressive Behaviour, 2018
Hand Embroidery on linen
Beating Around the Bush, 2018
Hand embroidery on linen
Crybabies, 2017
Handembroidery on linen,
⌀ 22 cm // Ready to hang // Framed with a plastic hoop
Miss Manners, 2017
Handembroidery on linen
A Pea in a Nose, 2017
Handembroidery on linen
Imagined Fandom, 2012
Hand embroidery on linen, painted & forced metal, mirror
Blanket Heavy With Nightmares, 2010-2011
Hand embroidery on a blanket, human hair
In the collection of Kajaani Art Museum
The Saved and the Saviour, 2011
Hand embroidery on linen, beads
Self portraits, 2010
Hand embroidery on a plexi glass