Kabaree Kookos, 2017 –
Kabaree Kookos is a cross-pollination between the arts and the entertainment, providing the audience hand picked jewels e.g. from the local and the international burlesque, circus, puppetry scenes – you never know what to expect when you indulge yourself in our vision. More information from facebook.com/kabareekookos (photos: Hilja Mustonen + Stefan Crämer)
Turku Burlesque, 2010 –
An intoxicating cocktail of performing arts, smashing the stereotypes, shaking the norms and having fabulous time together – my aim as the artistic director and the producer of Turku Burlesque since 2010. (photos: Tuomas Lairila)
Kiki Hawaiji
She is a natural disaster wrapped in cellophane, a pioneer in the Finnish burlesque scene and a mischievous interpretor of the female body. In addition to the performing, Kiki is the editor-in-chief of the Finnish burlesque zine Paljettipommi and the headmistress of Finnish academy of burlesque  Burleskinstituutti. (photos: Kerttu Malinen, John-Paul Bichard + Tuomas Lairila)